Updates on the SHAC 7

20 06 2007

Dear SHAC 7 Supporters,
A few quick updates on the SHAC 7:
*We now have full color SHAC 7 postcards available for distribution. They
feature addresses for all six prisoners and a brief intro to the SHAC 7.
If you would like some, please let us know!

*T-shirts. We are in the process of getting the shirts printed. We will
have them ready sometime in July and will have them for sale at the Animal
Rights conference in Los Angeles.

*Josh Harper is now out of the “hole” after being held there for nearly
100 days. He’s happy to be out and looking forward to hearing from all of

*There is a new writing from Andy Stepanian posted on the website at
www.SHAC7.com. Check it out!

*There is a benefit movie screening in Portland coming up on July 8th.
More details at www.shac7.com/benefits.htm.

Animal Rights 2007, the country’s largest animal rights conference is
coming up July 19-23 in Los Angeles. There are tons of great workshops,
speakers, booths, and more! And we’ll be there giving updates on the SHAC
7, offering up special SHAC 7 support gear, and spreading the word.

If you haven’t already, check it out at www.AR2007.org and register.
Mention the SHAC 7 and get $20 off your registration!

**Thank you for your continued support of the SHAC 7–it means a lot to
all of them. Word is the appeal will finally be moving forward this
summer. We’ll send out updates as they become available.

Thank you for your support,
The SHAC 7 Support Committee